Air Quality

AquAeTer provides specialized expertise that is required for air emissions solutions for planned and existing operating facilities. Air emission measurements and estimations are complex activities, and require experienced experts to provide quality defensible data.

Our professionals have helped numerous facilities through all aspects of the permitting process, from the estimation of air emissions (for permitting and reporting), dispersion modeling, public meetings and regulatory negotiations, to completing the permit application. The estimation of air emissions requires in-depth knowledge of the facility operations in order to determine the best approach for managing emissions. Concentrations of airborne constituents are typically very low in the ambient environment (on the order of parts per billion), and as a result, obtaining accurate measurements is both technically and logistically challenging. Our expert staff can assist your facility through any part of this process.

Case Studies
Ambient Air Monitoring
AquAeTer was retained by this client to design a sampling network, identify applicable air sampling methods, develop and implement a work plan, oversee and validate data quality, and provide an expert report for use as a basis for legal arguments.
Air Emissions Reporting
AquAeTer was retained by its client, an Alaska Native Corporation, to assist the US Navy with reporting for several air emissions sources on remote Adak Island, in the Aleutian Island chain, 1,200 miles southwest of Anchorage.
Air Permitting Assistance
AquAeTer was approached by a client in the oil and gas industry with a request to provide air permitting assistance. The client was looking to expand their transloading capabilities into new states including Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New York, Tennessee, Arkansas among others.
Air Permitting
AquAeTer was retained by a mining company to prepare an application for an Air Quality Operating Permit. Upon issuance of the permit, AquAeTer provided compliance assistance by designing a program to address permit issues, identify compliance points, and conduct baseline opacity monitoring.
Air Permitting Applications
AquAeTer was contracted to prepare Title V Air Operating Permit applications for seven Kerr-McGee (now TRONOX) creosote wood treating facilities. Methodology was developed from available testing data and literature values (AP-42) for standardizing the emission factors for the various processes at a wood treatment facility.

Air Quality Services

  • Ambient Air Sampling and Monitoring
  • Emission Control Audits
  • Emissions Estimate Calculations and Dispersion Modeling
  • Emissions Inventory Development & Reporting
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Indoor Attic Sampling
  • Evaluation of Alternative Sources
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Odor Assessment Control
  • Permitting
    • NSR/PSD Permit Applicability
    • Title V and Minor Source Operating Permits
  • Pollution Control and Process Engineering
  • Regulatory Negotiations