AquAeTer News
Apr 18, 2014, 9:19 AM
Mike Corn, President of AquAeTer, has been elected for the 2011 year to be the Secretary of the Board of the HRWA. The association provides technical input, community involvement, and public oversight of activities that impact the Harpeth River. The River, 125 miles long with over 1000 miles of tributaries, meanders through agricultural, forested and suburban areas of six counties in the greater Nashville region until it joins the Cumberland River. The Harpeth River watershed is the area of land (870 square miles) which drains into the Harpeth River. The Harpeth is one of the unique freshwater river systems of the Southeast which contain a greater variety of aquatic life than anywhere else in the world. Mike is also the Technical Advisor to the Association on water quality issues and regulations that both positively and negatively impact the health of the River.
Apr 18, 2014, 9:17 AM
AquAeTer was awarded a contract by Greenfield Multistate Environmental Trust to provide environmental monitoring and reporting services to nine former Tronox/Kerr-McGee wood treating sites located in Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas. AquAeTer has a long history of environmental permitting and remediation at each of these sites, several of which were operating treatment plants when AquAeTer first became involved as the environmental consultant.